Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Chapter 1

1. Describe the setting of the story. What is the area like?
2. What is exactly a township? What does a township look like?
3. Why aren't people allowed to live and sleep in Cape Town where they work?
4. In your opinion what do you think "the system" refers to?
5. What feeling does the reader get from the description of the police raid on Crossroads? What does it foretell about the rest of the story? Develop your answer.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

1)the story happened in South Africa. The area is durty, ugly with poor huts. It’s a shantytown.

2)A township is a small, poor town with crude huts. It’s like a getho. The people who live in a township are illegal, black and poor.

3)They can’t live in Cape town because they are black and illegal. So they sleep in a township with all black and illegal people.

4)The system refers to the aparheid system. The governement system.

5)The description of the police raid on Crossroads is very cruel and violent.
It’s foretell a hard and very difficult story with conflict between black and white people. It’s introduce perhaps a violent story and it’s show us the thruth in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

with the story,we as teenagers we get to know the way our parents or grandparents lived.but it does not mean that we should hold what a long time ago aganst the white

Anonymous said...

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